A sad weekend at the Rescue

It is hard enough running a rescue, giving up all of your free time to care for rescued animals and raising the funds, but coping with them passing away is something we never get use to.  As I type this post, I have tears rolling down my face as it has been one of the most emotionally challenging weekends we have ever faced.

On Saturday our beautiful Gemma suddenly took ill, we were by her side comforting her until the vet arrived.  Sadly we had to make the hard decision, to do what was best for Gemma and sadly, that was to let her go.

Gemma was a 32 year old horse who we rescued 3 years ago, when her owner passed away. We are so very grateful that she has lived so long, that she was loved all of her life and that she did not suffer, we miss Gemma so much.

If that wasn’t enough, we have also lost our best friend Rocky. We have had Rocky, the Kune Kune pig for over 6 years, he was rescued from a tiny flat. Rocky was a real character, he was very vocal and sociable and he had loads of fans including the local Primary School who sponsored him. When visitors arrived, they always asked to see Rocky.

Rocky caught a lung infection last week and seemed to be very much on the mend, only yesterday the vet was happy with his progress.

We were devastated this morning to find he had passed away in his sleep.

RIP Gemma and Rocky, we really miss you both xxx



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