This is the time of year when we have lots of wildlife especially young birds, fox cubs, hedgehogs etc.
Much has come to us for good reason such as these goslings that came separately, having been observed as for sometime and confirmed separated from their parents. Unfortunately with good intentions, lots of people pick up wildlife thinking they need rescuing, wildlife that should be left well alone. Top of the list is fledglings. Birds do not fly from the nest, they fledge and the fledgling live on the ground for a while until they can fly. They should not be taken away from thier natural habitat and thier parents, they should be left. The best help you can provide for fledglings is bushes and shrubs, not picking them up.
Unless you can see physical signs of injury or illness, never interfere with wildlife unless you are sure that they need rescuing and you have somewhere for the animal to go. At this time of year most wildlife rescues are full to capacity and so have to prioritise.
This pair are very messy, they love splashing around and keeping us busy cleaning them out, they are both doing really well.

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