Dartmoor Hill Ponies Appeal – 4 Rescued

On Wednesday we rescued 4 dartmoor ponies, these ponies have been rounded up off the moor and were destined for slaughter. Of the 150 destined for pet food, 42 have been rescued by people and animal sanctuaries around the country.

We now desperately need funds to help with these 3 colts and a filly. We have had to pay for microchipping, passport, transportation, vets fees, food and bedding.  We were only planning to take in 3 but when we heard that there was 1 colt left that was destined to be shot we had to step in and help at the last minute.

We are now working daily with these ponies and already they are becoming friendly. In a few weeks they will be vaccinated and the males gelded (castrated).  It is our aim that eventually they can be found loving homes. They are adorable but still so frightened.

We encourage any of our supporters to raise money for us.  Many people come up with money making ideas but Jon and Beth are tied up with the day to day running of the sanctuary and mountains of paperwork that is needed and simply don’t have enough time to do lots of fundraising events.

If you want to raise money by having a carboot, stall or sponsored event then please let us know.  We can provide you with a display board, leaflets and collection tub. There are lots of ways to raise money and help us financially.  Funds are really low at the moment but we felt that we couldn’t let these poor young ponies down.

Please help us help others.

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