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Cuteness Overload

These piglets, probably around 2 days old, were dumped in the suburbs of London. They first went to a large national animal welfare organisation, unfortunately they said that they were too difficult to rear and they were going to be destroyed.

Thank goodness, the vets who originally found them, decided they would not let this happen and called rescue centres up and down the country to find a safe home for these innocent creatures, tossed aside by disgusting humans.

They are now with us, safe, but very young and vulnerable, they should be with their mother. In 2014 we re-homed only 1 pig, but had to turn away 103, we can only do so much with our limited resources. We are a charity, run by volunteers and rely solely on your donations. We have rescued 6 pigs this week alone, and had to turn 6 away today. Please help, even a small donation will help us. Please help if you can





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