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150 Barn Hens Rescued

01 Sep 2012

We have rescued another 150 hens, these were part of 20,000 birds going for slaughter, it would have perfect to rescued them all, but at least 150 will find life-long loving homes. These are barn hens, just like caged and free range hens, at the end of their commercial life they are sent for slaughter to become pet food […]

175 Ex-Battery Hens Rescued

26 Jul 2011

In the past couple of weeks we have rescued another 175 battery hens, this includes 100 from Wales, in collaboration with the British Hen Welfare Trust. Battery hens, just like free range hens, are sent for slaughter at around 18 months old, they are replaced with younger hens to keep farms’ egg production rates high. The 175 […]

Battery Hen Rescue

21 May 2011

This week we have taken on a further 120 ex-battery hens that would otherwise be slaughtered. The farm in Norfolk where we fetched them from, was emptying their sheds, replacing 20,000 birds with young hens, to keep the egg yield high. We couldn’t rescue all 20,000 hens that are probably only around 18 months old, but […]

100 – Battery Hens Rescue

05 Nov 2010

Tomorrow we are rescuing another 100 ex-battery hens,this is part of 3000 that are being saved from being sent to slaughter for pet food. If you are on our waiting list, please be patient, it does take time to home check.

Battery Hen Rescue

11 Sep 2010

We travel far and near to rescue these poor girls, this time is was a long trek down south to rescue another 110 hens, at their end of their short productive lives, we rescued a few of the tens of thousands going for slaughter, many going for pet food.