Buff Orpington bantam couple June 08

buff_orpsThis couple were dumped in a box at Carlton Police Station by mindless idiots. We get lots of calls about unwanted cockerels and it makes us extremely angry, people either decide to hatch some eggs (including schools we hasten to add) or accidentally buy cockerels at cattle markets because they don’t do their research properly before blindly bidding. This pair even got dumped in the box labelled up with where they came from – Melton Market! Some dipsticks obviously thought they had purchased 2 hens when they bid for a ‘pair of Buff Orpingtons’ but had a shock when one of them started crowing. A ‘pair’ or a ‘trio’ of hens purchased at market will include a cockerel!! These 2 now have a loving home where they have settled in with a flock of other chickens

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