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Tawny Owl Chick

08 May 2012

This little chick was found on the forest floor with no sign of the parents. The chick came to us in reasonable health, although he/she would not have survived long on the ground with no parents. After a hours or so in an incubator to get him warm, we could feed him. Owl’s have to […]

Baby Wild Rabbit

01 May 2012

This baby wild rabbit or kit as the babies are known, was brought to us last week, she had been brought in by a pet cat. She is doing well in an incubator to keep her warm, she is eating and putting on weight. Cat bites can be very infectious, this infection too often kills wild animals, […]

Mallard Duckling

29 Apr 2012

This young mallard duckling has been with us for a week now and doing well. The duckling was found on its own, with no parents around or any other ducklings. It can be quite difficult to rear single ducklings as they can become quite stressed and withdrawn on their own, constantly crying for their parents, fortunately this chap has done well […]

Billy Goat Rehomed

04 Apr 2012

Meet Billy, the latest goat to come to the sanctuary. Billy is a 12 year old castrated male, he came from a dog rescue centre where he has been living for the past few years on his own. Billy is now with other goats, he is very friendly and looking for a permanent life-long home. […]

Meet Horace and Roland – The Cruelty Case Rescued Pigs

01 Apr 2012

Until now, these two guys have lived an appalling life, they are extremely obese and have lived in a small and very muddy garden. These castrated male Kune Kune pigs  are so obese that they can barely move, its very likely that they have been fed too much of an inappropriate diet and not had space to exercise and enact normal pig behaviour. All […]

Mary the Ewe

25 Mar 2012

This weekend has been quite busy, we rehomed two Pygmy Goats, unfortunately though two sheep came in. This poor girl is Mary, her owners made contact the day they were moving house, desperately needing a home for poor Mary. Although we were reluctant to take on any more sheep, as we now have 2 rams and 6 ewes, how […]

Hedgehog with `Balloon Syndrome’

05 Mar 2012

This guy came to us today, the member of the public who brought him said, ” I have a huge hedgehog for you”. We soon diagnosed balloon syndrome which, left untreated is almost always fatal. The hedgehogs literally inflate, as air or gas is trapped under their skin, they inflate so much that they end […]

Pigeon with Broken Leg

03 Mar 2012

This poor chap came to us with a broken leg, depending on where the break is, determines the treatment we administer. This chappie has a break quite high up and so he’s in sling to support his weight. He’s quite happy in this position, he can easily feed and drink. In a matter of a couple more […]