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08 Aug 2016

** Rehomed**

Gorgeous George rehomed

08 Aug 2016

Gorgeous George is one of the first wild Dartmoor ponies we rescued, he went to a great home a few years ago and has grown a lot!  Sadly he was returned to us a few weeks ago.  during his time he was backed and has turned into a very handsome young boy. It didn’t take […]

Jack and Stevie Get a New Home

17 Jul 2016

Jack and Stevie are re-homed together in a wonderful new home. This pair came to us together about a year ago and have kept a very tight bond, so it’s important that we don’t split them up. Thankfully these guys have a new home and what a posh house they have, they have certainly landed […]


14 Jul 2016

Rehomed Description: Yo! My name is Erica! I am around 11 months old and am agouti doe. About Me: I came to the centre on the 24/2/16 and was part of an abandoned litter. Nothing is known about my parents so the centre is unsure about my breed or size. Temperament: I am very feisty […]

Gerrard and Walter in their New Home

01 Jul 2016

Gerrard and Walter, now Ronnie and Reggie have left the sanctuary for their new permanent home thanks to Brinsley Animal Rescue. These boys came to us about 6 years ago, they were un-castrated and therefore really boisterous. After a year or so and after being castrated, we fortunately re-homed them, sadly they were returned a […]

Buttons Goes to his Life-Long new Home

05 Jun 2016

          This weekend has been even more manic than normal, with two fund raisers as well as looking after the animals. We need to raise £1,000 a week, so we attend various events raising to help us raise the funds we need to pay for food, bedding, equipment and vets bills. […]


05 Jun 2016

*** Rehomed *** Description: My name is Blackberry and i am around 8 months old. I am a black continental giant female. About me: I arrived at the centre on the 29/6/16 with my brothers, Wallie & Twix. We were unwanted pets. Temperament: I am quite an outgoing rabbit who loves to play! Type Of […]


05 Jun 2016

*** Rehomed *** Description: Hi there my name is Twix. I am a male, around 8 months old and am a stunning yellow continental giant.  About me: I arrived at the centre on the 29/5/16 with my bother, Wallie and my sister, Blackberry. We were unwanted pets. Temperament: I am a shy but curious rabbit, […]

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