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Herbie Rescued, Rehabilitated and now Rehomed

18 Jul 2013

Herbie, the Hebridian sheep was abandoned by his former owner and left to fend for himself. Fortunately he was noticed and was taken care of in the short term, until he could be brought to us. We than took this gorgeous boy on, sheared him, wormed, vaccinated and castrated him. He is now in a great new home living with […]

The boys go to their new home

28 Apr 2013

Today we were sad to say goodbye to our three male goats, yet very happy that they have gone to a great new home. Godfrey is over 10 whilst Curly Top and Tufty are only two. They have been with us for a few months, Godfrey over a year. In their new home they have several acres, loads of lovey grass, […]

Geraldine Rehomed

04 Apr 2013

Today we re-homed Geraldine to a great new home, one she really deserves. A few weeks ago we received a call about a loose goat, which had been seen in a hedge bottom alongside a road for a couple of weeks. The worried caller said that the poor goat wasn’t in great shape and was very thin. He had managed to trace the […]

Pet of the Week – Flossy

31 Mar 2013

Meet Flossy, a giant female albino rabbit looking for a life-long home with a partner. Flossy is large, she weights around 10 kg and so needs to be homed to an adult, ideally someone with experience with rabbits. She is handle-able, but being so large she is also strong and therefore not suitable to be handled by children. Flossy needs to be homed with […]

UPDATE – 7 Little Guineas Found a Home.

14 Mar 2013

We have 7 little guinea pigs are all of varying ages and are all looking for homes.  They either need to go together or in pairs or to live with existing guinea pigs that someone may have. Two of them are special guineas that will need a special home, one is blind in an eye […]

Jack and Buttons find a new Home

04 Nov 2012

This weekend we re-homed Jack and Buttons, two Shetland Ponies that were born in April this year and were taken in a few weeks ago. These two little boys are so small, they managed to duck under the fencing and escape from their new home in less than 5 minutes! It didn’t take long to […]

Barn Duck Rescue

15 Sep 2012

Earlier this week we fetched 50 commercial ducks from Worcestershire, that were off for slaughter, these have been factory farmed for their eggs, now at the end of their commercial life they were off for meat. We have been unable to save over 5,000 that have gone to the slaughter house, but at least these girls […]

Joe the Ram

04 Sep 2012

We have just taken on Joe the Ram, he is a young and friendly entire Ram. He is now sharing a field with 5 turkeys, 2 goats and 2 ponies. He greets us every day, patiently waiting for us. In the next few weeks we can get him castrated, he can then join our other […]

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