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Summer Open Day 2013

23 Jul 2013

This year we will be holding our Summer Open day on Sunday 11th August 2013 from 11am until 4pm. This a community event and so will have lots of local stalls, veggie burgers, a fabulous cafe and a licensed bar, selling Blind Boris, brewed by local Marpool brewery and named after our famous blind bull. […]

Swifts Released

23 Jul 2013

We have now released our two swifts that can to us as chicks a few weeks ago. We have hand reared them, until the point where they were ready for release. If grounded, swifts cannot take off, so its important to get it right and watch over them. We let them take off in a […]

100 Hens Rescued

21 Jul 2013

This week we have rescued 100 ex-commercial hens that are now looking for life-long homes. We managed to take on 100 of the 20,000 being sent for slaughter at the young age of 18 months, now no longer commercially viable. We need good life-long homes for these beautiful lucky girls. Please see our website for […]

Baby Rabbits

18 Jul 2013

This chap is one of two baby wild rabbits that we have with us at the moment, they are both now weaned and eating solids. Now fending for themselves, we can now minimise human contact and get them wild, ready for release. One rabbit was found under a car, the other captured by a pet cat. Both […]

Herbie Rescued, Rehabilitated and now Rehomed

18 Jul 2013

Herbie, the Hebridian sheep was abandoned by his former owner and left to fend for himself. Fortunately he was noticed and was taken care of in the short term, until he could be brought to us. We than took this gorgeous boy on, sheared him, wormed, vaccinated and castrated him. He is now in a great new home living with […]

When the Little Owl got stuck in the Chimney

07 Jul 2013

This young Little Owl had a lucky escape, he fell down a chimney into the fire below. Fortunately the fire was not lit and he was heard by the occupiers. Being a log burner, he could easily be rescued from the his ordeal, by opening the doors. After a few nights in an incubator under […]

Sponsored Dog Walk

29 Jun 2013

A great day today, a good turn out of people and dogs, great weather, a lovely walk, loads of cakes and we all had fun. Thank you to every one who help today, making our annual dog walk a success, as well as having fun, we made some money for the charity selling cakes, drinks, […]

Wildlife Rescue

20 Jun 2013

The cold Spring really seems to have affected wildlife. Normally we are in-undated with orphaned birds and mammals from May onwards, this year though Spring has come very late. We are now, almost into July, receiving the glut of baby birds, hedgehogs and foxes. this little guy is a Dunnock, happily receiving his meal. If […]