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Milo Goes to his New Home

22 Dec 2013

Milo, a young male goat came to us in the Summer. As he was uncastrated, he initially had to be housed separate to our herd, we already have enough unwanted animals being given up! Like many animals, they are not content on their own, so we needed to get Milo castrated and with the herd […]

Bertie and Beano Rescued and Rehomed

12 Oct 2013

Bertie and Beano came to us a few months ago, bought from a breeder but then given up by the owners after only a few weeks. We have wormed and vaccinated them and found them a great home in Sheffield where they have loads of room in a large field, a spacious barn and other […]

Appeal – Can you help Wilbur ?

29 Sep 2013

Although Wilbur is only middle aged, around 6, he is very arthritic and cannot be kept outdoors over winter any longer, we need to get him indoors. Wilbur came to us with his brother and sister as rescued piglets, being factory farmed pigs bred for their meat, they grow unnaturally large, this puts a lot […]

60 Barn Hens Rescued

10 Sep 2013

Today we have rescued a further 60 barn hens. At only 18 months old, they have reached the end of their commercial life and were destined for slaughter, to become pet food or cheap pies. If you can offer a life-long loving home to two or more hens, to be kept as pets, please see […]

Disposed of Goats

19 Aug 2013

These two beautiful goats were recently dumped. Meet Angel and Gabriel, now named by their new prospective owners.  These two beautiful goats were found dumped in some woods, their ears were torn probably by the previous owners when they ripped out their ear tags, so that they could not be identified and traced. Both were […]

Pair of cats in Need of a New Home

16 Aug 2013

Please see below an appeal from one of our volunteers who has rescued two cats, that urgently need a life-long loving home. One male cat – 3-4 years old, neutered, deflead and wormed.  Friendly, likes fuss but not a lap cat.  Playful. One female cat – 2-3 years old, neutered, deflead and wormed.  Was very […]

Open Day Success

15 Aug 2013

      Our Summer Open Day was great, its a record,  we have raised £5,000 which is more than we have raised at an open day. The turn out was over amazing at just over 1,000 people and we hope everyone enjoyed themselves and helped us raise vital funds. The weather was kind and […]

Dumped Kittens

12 Aug 2013

Ever thought about how to eradicate a fifth of our open day taking in one go? Answer, dump 8 kittens at the top of the drive with little thought about how we are going to raise the money to keep them and get them rehomed! Easy. Every day we are faced with challenges but over […]