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Barn Owl Released

17 Sep 2017

Today we have released a barn owl back into the wild. This chap came to us a few weeks ago, he was found on the ground and unable to fly more than a few feet. He is young and found very thin, he just didn’t have the energy to fly and on was deaths door. […]

Meet Truffles the Latest Pig Rescue

12 Sep 2017

Meet Truffles, a pig we have managed to take in, one of only 5 we have taken in this year. Sadly we are contacted all too often to take in unwanted pigs, sometime for genuine reasons but all too often because people have bought thier piggie pets from breeder, not from rescue centres and they […]


11 Sep 2017

About Billy Past History Billy didn’t have a good start in life. Rescued from a life of abuse with his friend Smartie. Billy arrived at the centre in 2011. After some time he started to gain trust in people again and now you would never know it! Behaviour Billy is a 11 year old, 9hh […]

Muscovy Ducks Looking For A Home

01 Sep 2017

2 Available Description: Two male Muscovy ducks. The darker is more confident then the lighter. Very comical breed making strange noises and head movements as they waddle. Pretty to look at too with their black feathers that turn green in the light. On the large side of the scale. Type Of home Wanted: Ideally would […]


01 Sep 2017

Availble About Juno Gender: Mare (female) Height: 13hh Breed: Dartmoor Age: 8yrs + Colour: Bay Arrived: 2015 Passport: Not Yet Vaccinated For Flu & Tetanus: All up to date Dental work: Up To Date Shod: Bare foot, regualrly trimmed.   More Information Past Story Juno was previously rounded up off the moors of Dartmoor. Brought […]

Running Ducks – Various Genders

01 Sep 2017

    5 Available All Male   Description:Indian running ducks all aged around 5 years. About Us: We are a lively  bunch of ducks all from separate cases and different backgrounds. We don’t waddle – we run! These ducks love to play in the water and can be quite vocal. Did you know that our breed […]


01 Sep 2017

Smartie Available About Smartie Past History Smartie didn’t have a good start in life. Rescued from a life of abuse with his friend Billy. Smartie arrived at the centre in 2011. Since he has known abuse in his past, sadly he has shown fear to humans, taking a lot of time to get to trust […]

There are no guinea pigs available currently

01 Sep 2017

All our guinea pigs have found a home. If we do rescue and have any up for adoption please keep checking the website, it is better than phoning or emailing. Thank you! Last update 21/7/17 In the meantime, if you would like to check other local rescues then here are a few contacts: Burrowed Hearts […]

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