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Minty Needs an Expensive Operation, Can You Help?

30 Oct 2015

A big operation for a little fella! Sadly last week our vet confirmed that Minty, our little Welsh pony who¬†we took on nearly a year ago, needs to go to a referral clinic, for a¬†complicated castration (geld). We had hoped that he would be ready by now, for the normal procedure that we carry out […]

Meet Juno, Penny, Celeste and Annie

09 Oct 2015

Meet Juno, Penny, Celeste and Annie. Over recent weeks our equine population has mushroomed!. We now have 17 ponies residing in our fields and many more in foster care. When the answer machine message came through these 4 were destined for slaughter. They have all had foals in the past and have been relatively unhandled […]