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Billy and Smartie Looking for a Home

26 Aug 2012

These two guys need a life-long home. We originally rescued them almost two years ago, they were homed but due to a change in circumstances, they were returnded two us. Billy, the smaller of the two Shetland Ponies definitely has small man syndrome, but they are two adorable boys. They currently share a field with 5 turkeys, […]

Barnaby (male)

24 Aug 2012


Andre (male)

24 Aug 2012

Andre went to a fabulous home.  We have had updates an regular photos on his progress.  He has a great bunny friend an looks like he is having a lot of fun in his new home.

Annabelle & Annie (female)

24 Aug 2012

These bunnies were ‘dental’ bunnies and needed their teeth trimming every 2 weeks.  They have found a loving home together with an experienced owner.  

Venus (female) Rehomed

24 Aug 2012

Venus went to a great home and now has a lovely friend.

6 Goats Rehomed

19 Aug 2012

In the past few weeks we have re-homed 6 goats with Molly joining the five already homed this weekend. This will make way for some more boys that should be coming this week. Molly joined her five friends at a great home where she has acres of lush green grass, friend to play with and loads of climbing frames.    

Summer Open Day Success – Over £4,000 Raised!

13 Aug 2012

Thank you to all of our volunteers, the cake makers, donors of gifts and everyone who made the effort to help our summer open day such a success. Although we officially opened at 11am, the crowds started from 10:30. We had a constant stream of visitors throughout the day, with over 1,000 attending in total. On the day, we […]

Dolly the Rescued Dairy Goat

02 Aug 2012

Dolly was destined for slaughter, no-longer needed as a dairy goat. During her life, she would have repeatedly given birth to kids, so that she would produce milk which could be harvested every day. Fortunately we were able to take her on and offer her a better life. Dolly is very thin, bold in places and generally not in good […]

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