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175 Ex-Battery Hens Rescued

26 Jul 2011

In the past couple of weeks we have rescued another 175 battery hens, this includes 100 from Wales, in collaboration with the British Hen Welfare Trust. Battery hens, just like free range hens, are sent for slaughter at around 18 months old, they are replaced with younger hens to keep farms’ egg production rates high. The 175 […]

6 Ewes Rescued

17 Jul 2011

A few weeks ago our friends at Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary took in 30 sheep from a gentleman who could no longer care for them. We are helping by taking on 6 ewes, and they have made good friends with our resident ram, Jakey. The ewes are now all wormed, hooves trimmed and wool sheared, […]

Epic Hedgehog Rescue

10 Jul 2011

We don’t go out to rescue trapped animals, with working full time whilst running the sanctuary, we struggle to cope with that let alone going out rescuing even more creatures. Today though we could not say no when a couple turned up telling us about a hedgehog, that had been trapped for at least two […]