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Willow – Rehomed

26 May 2011

Age :  8 weeks (Approx) Breed : Bonded : No Neutered/Spayed: Not yet too young, will be soon. Rescued: March 2011 This boy was one of several that were dumped at the side of a busy road, we found him (now called Willow) an other was found later by other people. The rest of the litter was never […]

Battery Hen Rescue

21 May 2011

This week we have taken on a further 120 ex-battery hens that would otherwise be slaughtered. The farm in Norfolk where we fetched them from, was emptying their sheds, replacing 20,000 birds with young hens, to keep the egg yield high. We couldn’t rescue all 20,000 hens that are probably only around 18 months old, but […]

Solomen and Latchley rehomed 8 May 2011

08 May 2011


3 Ganders and 1 Goose rehomed 7 May 2011

08 May 2011

Today we finally found a great home for the Brinsley Animal Rescue bouncers. These three guys and their girl will be missed by most, but not all. They are very territorial and didn’t always take too kindly to visitors, many a people were chased by these rogues.  

Hedgehog with Balloon Syndrome

01 May 2011

This poor guy came to us all blown up like a puffer fish. This condition is quite rare, we have only experienced it once before, many years ago, it’s called balloon syndrome due to the hedgehog inflating like a balloon. This condition is the symptom of something more serious, such as respiratory tract damage or […]