Willow – Rehomed

Age :  8 weeks (Approx)
Breed :
Bonded : No
Neutered/Spayed: Not yet too young, will be soon.
Rescued: March 2011

This boy was one of several that were dumped at the side of a busy road, we found him (now called Willow) an other was found later by other people. The rest of the litter was never found. Unfortunately we hear far to often about people tossing out baby pet rabbits and unwanted adult rabbits into the wild, where they will certainly perish.

This boy was injured and petrified, so much so that he did not move when we found him and shaking with fear. Two weeks on, a course of anti-biotics and loads of love an attention and he’s doing well and slowly becoming tame.

Willow is the lucky one, thousands more are not so lucky.

Willow is not ready yet to go to a new home, he needs to be vaccinated and castrated in a few weeks when he’s old enough.

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