Stanley & Snowdrop – Rehomed

Age : Approx 3 months
Breed : Dwarf Lop
Bonded : Yes
Neutered/Spayed: Stanley is castrated
Rescued: Dec 09

Stanley and Snowdrop were given up as unwanted pets and then advertised on the ‘Preloved’ website which absolutely infuriates us.  The sooner that unwanted pets are taken off websites like this the better.  We can only imagine what kind of home they might of got.  They were both living happily together although Stanley is not castrated yet which fills us with dread as it means that poor old Snowdrop is probably pregnant even though she is very young.  These bunnies are both house bunnies and will need to remain so until the warm sunshine appears in late Spring.  We will get Stanley neutered before rehoming and we will keep the pair for at least 30 days to make sure poor little Snowdrop isn’t pregnant.

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