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Dartmoor Hill Ponies Appeal – 4 Rescued

25 May 2010

On Wednesday we rescued 4 dartmoor ponies, these ponies have been rounded up off the moor and were destined for slaughter. Of the 150 destined for pet food, 42 have been rescued by people and animal sanctuaries around the country.

Meet Juniper & Gwendolyn

22 May 2010

Juniper & Gwendolyn were destined for the Christmas table when a conscientious person bought them off a farmer as they could not bear the thought of them being slaughtered and eaten.

Rabbit Health Essentials

22 May 2010

When people rehome a rabbit from us, we ensure that it has undergone a thorough health check including the teeth.

Rascal Rehomed May ’10

13 May 2010

We named Rascal when we first took him in, boy was he a little terror! He has now been rehomed with a beautiful little female Netherland Dwarf companion.  They had a quick date here and things went fine so Rascal went to his new home the following day.

Pet Pigs

01 May 2010

Each year we receive dozens of calls from people asking us to  take on their unwanted pet pigs. Unfortunately they buy them from breeders as cute and cudly piglets with little or no advice and no idea of how big they will grow to.

175 Battery Hens Rescued & Wanting Homes

01 May 2010

Last week we rescued 110 battery hens, today we have taken in another 65 hens that has served their purpose and were intended for slaughter.