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Baby Squirrel Rescue

30 Apr 2009

This little chap came to us a week ago, he was found on someones lawn possibly after falling out of his nest. We are now hand rearing him and he’s putting on weight and growing fast. He did spend much of his day sleeping or feeding, but now starting to get active.

Poppy Rehomed 25th April 09

28 Apr 2009

Poor Poppy came in so thin her back bone was prominent and she only looked like a baby guinea.  She soon put on weight and by keeping her indoors she became a cheeky guinea who always liked to snatch a good carrot from your hand.

Misty Rehomed 25 April 09

25 Apr 2009

The previous owners of Misty bought him from White Post Farm, they were advised to let the rabbit know `who was boss’ by pinning him down by his neck when being fed.  As you can imagine poor Misty became frightened of his owners who took the advice in good faith. Misty now has a beautiful bunny friend […]

Sandy and Danny Rehomed 24th April

24 Apr 2009

These gorgeous little guineas were still quite nervous when they were adopted.  There history was unknown but they have found a fabulous home with other guineas where they will get the fuss they deserve.  No doubt these 2 will come out of their shell in no time at all now that they have found a loving […]

Two Female baby Rabbits Rehomed 24 April 09

24 Apr 2009

Finding homes for baby rabbits is normally quite easy, however while ever the babies are being rehomed the adults get left behind. Thousands of rabbits sit in recue centres awaiting new homes, yet people continue to breed them for money.

Snowy and Pearl Rehomed 24 April 09

24 Apr 2009

Age : 2.5 years Breed : Albino Bonded : Yes Neutered/Spayed: No Rescued 18/01/09 Snowy and Pearl are 2 middle aged lady pigs. They are very vocal, love their food and love snoozing in their litter tray. At the moment they are keeping Poppy company as we fear that she has come into our rescue […]

Basil (Male) Rehomed 23rd April 09

23 Apr 2009

Basil came to us just before Christmas from the ‘preloved’ website.  He really was a great rabbit and absolutely needed a little sole mate.   He was a lively little lad and had a nice nature.  Basil eventually found love with a female rabbit not too far away. He decided to introduce himself by helping himself to […]

Johnny Rehomed 19 April 09

19 Apr 2009

Johnny came to us with Sam, they were both uncastrated males which should never have been put together. Sam was in a terrible condition and the vet was surprised he survived.  Johnny met his girlfriend Dandy here when she had a short holiday.  They got on famously and went off a very happy couple indeed.

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