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Coco the Pony

23 Feb 2009

Coco is a 11.2 hand, 17 year old pony. Unfortunately her owner had to give her up and she is prone to Laminitis. Coco must have a strict diet, not be exposed to rich grass and receive regular exercise and attention to ensure her condition is controlled.  She is a beautiful and well behaved pony […]

Brinsley Animal Rescue – Becomes a Charity

20 Feb 2009

Finally after months of  filling out paperwork and receiving advice, we are now officially a Charity and have a Brinsley Animal Rescue bank account. This will allow us to not only claim the tax back on donations but to apply for grants.

Spencer (now Jack) Rehomed 19 Feb 09

19 Feb 2009

This young lad came in with 2 other unneutered rabbits so had to be seperated.  He found an amazingly spacious home with a lovely doe called ‘Sally’.  What a perfect and happy ending. Well for Jack it is just the beginning of a great new adventure.

The life of a broiler hen

12 Feb 2009

Many people who have visited us ask us what kind of hen Bertha is.  She is a ‘broiler’ hen.  She was ‘designed’ to live for 39 days, that’s all it takes from birth to slaughter for food.

More goats & 2 sheep!

11 Feb 2009

We have been asked to take on 4 goats and 2 Jacob sheep. We need help to build another enclosure for these animals who are already living together. Woody the goat in the picture originally lived in a ‘petting farm’ but kept escaping.

£1000 reward to catch swan killers

11 Feb 2009

Recently there has been a spate of attacks on swans not far from here. A swan has been shot in Jacksdale and Codnor as well as another 4 being attacked and 1 being decapitated. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) are offering a £1000 reward for anyone with information on these horrific crimes. Anyone […]

Beanie Rehomed 07 Feb-09

07 Feb 2009

  Beanie was a real gem.  Unfortunately he had to be seperated from his mum as he was too old.  Fortunately he has now found a friend called Winston.  They had a bit of a chunter when they were introduced but we hope that they will be fine together.  Winston appeared to be more interested in food […]

Alli & Abi Rehomed 7 Feb-09

07 Feb 2009

Alli & Abi Alli is a little nervous but understandably so, as she came from a dreadful breeder. She would make a lovely pet for someone, she needs loads of time and fuss.  Abi is a pure black rabbit. At present she is a bit timid. She had been used by a breeder but she really […]