Rescued Heron

This beautiful juvenile Grey Heron was admitted a week ago, they were in quite a poor condition and easily caught. They were very emaciated and quite exhausted with hardly enough energy to stand.

On admission we administered special formulated food with electrolytes, to do this we have to tube feed, taking care as they have very sharp beaks, which can cause serious eye injuries.

With nothing obvious we took to our vets for an x-ray, which didn’t show any abnormalities, nothing to help us understand why they were starving, weak and grounded.

After a few days of tube feeding, we managed to get a poo sample which, with our trusty microscope, identified a high worm burden which could be the root cause.

Two days following treatment for worms, we were so relived to see them eating fish themselves! That’s a positive sign of recovery and thankfully no more stressful tube feeding.

Rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife is not cheap, vet consultations, gassing down, x-rays and we are already several hundred pounds in and then they are now eating about £10 worth of fish a day. We are always very grateful for your donations to help us help animals.

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