Pearl and Gem (Mother and daughter pair!)


Pearl and Gem

Gender: Both are mares (Female)
Height: 10hh
Breed: Dartmoor Ponies
Age:  Pearl 11yrs
      Gem 8yrs
Colour: Pearl - Grey / Gem - Skewbald
Arrived: 2019
Passport: Yes
Vaccinated For Flu & Tetanus: All up to date
Dental work: Due
Hoof care: Barefoot, regualrly trimmed.

About pearl:

Pearl was saved from a Dartmoor cull along with her daughter Gem. They went to live in a lovely home for several years until their human’s circumstances changed and they could no longer take care of them.

They’ve only been at the rescue for a very short time but Pearl has become far more relaxed and confident since arriving here and she’s definately enjoying a quiet life at the moment. Pearl likes mutal grooming with humans and standing with people while they stroke her etc. She’s a gentle girl who needs someone special to give her some tlc and bring out her inquisitive / curious side!

Since being at the rescue we’ve been using positive reinforcement to help her learn how to pick up her hooves as she can get quite anxious about it. Whoever adopts her will need to be willing to continue helping her learn and build confidence.

About Gem:

Unlike her mum Gem is a very bold and inquisitive pony, she usually lets you know she’s there by nibbling your wellies and demanding scratches! However, although she is confident in the field she can be more anxious while being lead in hand outside the field and having things asked of her. She needs someone who is willing to keep helping her learn and build her confidence. Like her mum she worries about having her hooves picked up / trimmed and can sometimes nip when you try with any ‘force’ so we’re currently helping her learn with positive reinforcement that hoof care can actually be a ‘good’ experience.

We would like these girls to find a home together with someone who has lots of patience and kindness to share with them. They would make ideal companions for another horse, especially a ridden horse who regularly leaves the feild etc but they would also be great ‘projects’ for someone who just loves ponies and wants to have fun on the ground with them!


How To Adopt

If you think you can offer Gem and Pearl a home or would like more information then please contact us using the details below. Please note that we are not open to the general public and an appointment is needed to view. Please arrive ready for the weather and with sensible footwear for the fields. Gem and Pearl are kept on our other site, which is a few minutes away in the car.

To help cover the costs of vetting, dentist, farrier and housing costs we ask for a minimal donation of £60, one standing payment. You will be agreeing to a loan contract, in which will be discussed in your appointment.


Phone: 01773 712 999

Email: [email protected]


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