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More Dartmoors find a new home

Back in March we took in 3 more Dartmoor ponies that were destined for slaughter.  Today Henry and Jerry (also known as Splash and Bubbles) found a fabulous home.  They have gone to live with an older gelding called ‘Alfie’ who had already met and befriended the boys.  Their new owner has also handled and walked the Dartmoors around the village and we are so pleased with the home that they have gone to.  The boys were gelded a couple of weeks ago and quickly recovered (and forgave us).  They have learnt how to walk on a lead rope and have had their hooves trimmed by Hannah.  We are so grateful to Hannah (a barefoot trimmer) who has worked with these ponies so much and put in so much of her time.  They have come on so much since the wild little things that hurtled off the trailer and huddled frightened in a stable. They even walked the short journey to their new home on the road and were so good and well behaved.


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