Make Mine a Pint of Boris!

To celebrate Boris’s 4th Birthday, the Marlpool Brewery has launched a new beer, Blind Boris. Named after Boris our rescued blind bull, who will be 4 on July 8th.

Boris was born a beef bull, his mother had BVD which caused his deformed eyes, although people feel sorry for him being blind, this has saved his life as we took him on.

Boris is loved by everyone who meets him. People are amazed at just how placid, friendly and lovable he is, he seeks human contact and loves nothing more than a good fuss.

Since it formed, Marlpool Brewery has supported the charity with fund raising and food for Boris. After the brewing process, the spent malt is dropped off by Andy seen below pouring us a pint. We feed the malt to Boris and also our pigs.

Blind Boris is a real ale mild and we can vouch for its quality


This is Boris chilling out after his Blind Boris malt.



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