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Posted by Jon in Animal Hospital, News, Wild Birds on Wednesday 21/09/2022 18:45 +01:00.

This handsome barn owl came to us a few weeks ago after being involved in a car collision. When we saw that one of the legs was broken we feared the worst as he had no feeling in the leg, but, after we had X-rays carried out and after much discussion with our amazing vet Eastwood Vets4Pets we decided it was worth trying to fix it. The hope was that the lack of feeling wasn’t permanent nerve damage but swelling from the break trapping any nerves and if so, this was recoverable.

The leg has now been braced up for a couple of weeks with a splint and pins and our little patient is using his foot to perch and eat as well as using it to grab unsuspecting volunteer hands with a vice-like grip!!

Hopefully in a few weeks we will have the bones re x-rayed and if all is well the supports will be taken off and rehabilitation will carry on in an aviary before soft release.

So far this barn owl has cost us £600 and we expect his overall bill to be in excess of £1,000 as he’ll need another operation and x-rays. Rescuing animals is never easy and never cheap. During uncertain times if you are able to make a one-off or monthly donation to help towards the escalating costs of rescuing wildlife then you can donate via this post or the link below.

As ever thanks so,so much to our regular donors as without you we would not be able to do any of these treatments for our native wildlife.

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