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Bella & Bonnie – Rehomed

04 Jan 2010

Age : Breed : Bonded : Yes Neutered/Spayed: Rescued: Dec 09 These two are very excitable, they love a good run around, lots of fuss and attention. They need to be rehomed together, where they can be given a large cage and run.

Chipmunk & Daisy

04 Jan 2010

Age : 1+ years Breed : Netherland Dwarf Bonded : Yes Neutered/Spayed: Chipmunk is Neutered Rescued: July 09 We need a very special home for this bonded male and female pair. Both rabbits have dental problems which means that they will need their front teeth trimmed regularly.  In fact they need their teeth trimming every 2 […]

Peter Rabbit Rehomed 27 Dec 09

27 Dec 2009

Peter came to us with a Guinea Pig companion. Rabbits and guinea Pigs should not be kept together, so unfortunately they had to be separated. Peter now has two girlfriends, living in a summer house with a cat flap access to a patio where he can run around and get all of the exercise that […]

Penny the Pig rehomed 3 October 09

03 Oct 2009

  We get quite frustrated by the usual phone calls about pet pigs, but for once we received a call with a difference. Far too often we get calls from people who have bought piglets from a breeder, then several months later the pig is too large and destructive and they don’t want them any more […]

Dougle & Bert Rehomed 3 October 09

03 Oct 2009

This pair of pigs are delightful. Dougle has a long mop of hair and Bert is short haired.  They both enjoy going out on the lawn and devouring the grass. We are unsure of the age of these 2 boys but would guess at 2-3 years old.  They are in need of a good home […]

Tonka Rehomed October 1 09

01 Oct 2009

Tonka was rescued from an unwanted home. He suffered from a condition called anal impaction that males can often get. This means that he sometimes cannot form his pellets and needed assistance. Therefore he needed to go to a home where this condition could be monitored. Tonka found a fabulous home with another male guinea pig […]

Pippin rehomed 19 September

19 Sep 2009

Age : 1-2years  Breed : Aguti  Bonded : No Neutered/Spayed: Will be Rescued: July 09 Pippin came in with a large number of rabbits.  He is a nice young boy.  Aguti (wild) coloured rabbits are so often overlooked as they look so ordinary but Pippin is a lovely little fella who really needs a female companion.

The boys are rehomed – 19 September

19 Sep 2009

Archie, Benji, Charlie and Dillon were all rescued at one week old, the waste by product of the dairy industry. We took them in and hand reared them, finally they have gone to a great new home in West Yorkshire.

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