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Buttercup Rehomed 15-1-11

15 Jan 2010

This little girl is the luckiest little bunny in the world. One of our volunteers went to Melton Mowbray cattle market and managed to buy her for £1. He brought her back to us and thought we’d tell him off (as if!!). Sadly 40 or so other buns didn’t make it into his van. Poor […]

Blue Rehomed Jan 2010

14 Jan 2010

Age : Approx 1 year Breed : French Lop Bonded : No Neutered/Spayed: No Rescued: May 09 Blue is a bit grouchy but she is a beautiful bunny.  She loves to dig very large tunnels and likes hiding down them when it is time to go in at night. She needs a buck who is willing to […]

Motsy Rehomed 9th Jan 10

09 Jan 2010

Motsy was found wandering around a local country park all on her own.  The poor girl may have been turfed out or may of just gone wandering. Motsy found the best home ever with lots of room and 2 neutered male companions.  She was a bit aggressive and liked to box peoples hands but we […]

Stanley & Snowdrop – Rehomed

04 Jan 2010

Age : Approx 3 months Breed : Dwarf Lop Bonded : Yes Neutered/Spayed: Stanley is castrated Rescued: Dec 09 Stanley and Snowdrop were given up as unwanted pets and then advertised on the ‘Preloved’ website which absolutely infuriates us.  The sooner that unwanted pets are taken off websites like this the better.  We can only imagine […]

Smokey Rehomed 16 Jan 2010

04 Jan 2010

Age : 8 Months Breed : harlequin Bonded : No Neutered/Spayed: Yes Rescued: Dec 09 This guy is so cute and sweet, he is just yearning for a friend and a new home.  He is still only young and a spritely little lad.  Unfortunately he was given up because he fought with another buck.  He’d really […]

Bella & Bonnie – Rehomed

04 Jan 2010

Age : Breed : Bonded : Yes Neutered/Spayed: Rescued: Dec 09 These two are very excitable, they love a good run around, lots of fuss and attention. They need to be rehomed together, where they can be given a large cage and run.

Chipmunk & Daisy

04 Jan 2010

Age : 1+ years Breed : Netherland Dwarf Bonded : Yes Neutered/Spayed: Chipmunk is Neutered Rescued: July 09 We need a very special home for this bonded male and female pair. Both rabbits have dental problems which means that they will need their front teeth trimmed regularly.  In fact they need their teeth trimming every 2 […]

Peter Rabbit Rehomed 27 Dec 09

27 Dec 2009

Peter came to us with a Guinea Pig companion. Rabbits and guinea Pigs should not be kept together, so unfortunately they had to be separated. Peter now has two girlfriends, living in a summer house with a cat flap access to a patio where he can run around and get all of the exercise that […]

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