The Rex Brothers – rehomed 1 August 2010

Breed : Rex
Neutered : Yes
Vaccinated : Yes
Bonded : Yes
Rescued : Dec 08
Age : 6 months

These boys are beautiful and so playful. They are quite skitty as they had not been handled and came from a breeder who nearly took them to a cattle market!!. We have named them Sonny, Sammie and Bobby. Bobby has a cataract in 1 eye but this has been checked by a vet during castration and will not pose any problems. Bobby is able to see his food and appears to be able to find his way around fine. These boys will need to go as a trio. Can you offer a home to this little trio? Rexes need soft flooring as they can easily get sore feet. Here they are bedded on straw and in the summer will go out on the lawn.

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