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Three Goats Homed

12 Sep 2021

This weekend we rehomed our three pygmy goats, two girls and a lucky boy. Rehoming from rescues creates space to rescue more, in fact we have two ready to collect next weekend.

Chloe and Kenny go to their New Home

29 Aug 2021

It’s been another crazy busy week. Fortunately we have quite a few animals going to new homes including 4 cats, 2 sheep, 5 rabbits and 2 pigs. The other 2 big personalities that have found a home are Kenny and Chloe (Sunday best names: Sir Kenneth and Miss Clover!) As they are rehomed in the […]

Two Sheep Find a Home

29 Aug 2021

We love days like this when we actual get to take our rescued animals to their new homes. This weekend it was time to take Edna and Hilda to their new life-long homes as pets, never to be red or exploited for food.We rescued them earlier in the year, they were originally rescued from a […]

Stevie Homed

20 Aug 2021

When we first set up our charity and started taking in animals we were not prepared for the shear number of animals and pets that needed help. We decided in those early days that if we could find good homes for the animals we took in then we would be able to help more. So […]

Betty and Derek find a new Home

18 Aug 2021

We homed Betty and Derek some time ago, sadly although they had a great home, through no fault of their new owners, circumstances changed and they had to be returned. Unlike the pet industry who we pick up the pieces from, we are not driven by money, only the animals best interest, first and foremost […]

Nine Geese Rescued and Rehomed

05 Oct 2020

We rescued these nine geese this week, after their owner could no longer look after them.This was a fast turnaround, they are now in their new home and together as one large group.Geese can live to around 20 years old and not many people have enough land for them and so most geese are with […]

Dusty and Cilla Homed

28 Sep 2020

These two lovely ladies get a new home together, these two sisters also now have new names, dusty and Cilla.

Goats Homed

23 Aug 2020

You may remember Myrtle and Morris’s arrival a few weeks ago, today we took them to their new home. They weren’t in good health when they first arrived at the rescue, Morris wasn’t castrated, they were both very thin and Myrtle had a dog bite to her face, which had been neglected and so was […]