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Pigeon Squab

22 Mar 2021

Today we’ve admitted a swan, a hedgehog with a broken leg and this little man.This pigeon is a little too young to have fledged and was found by a busy road. Pigeons make amazing parents however aren’t renowned for their nest making skills We’ll be his mum for the next couple of weeks. We love […]

Another Swan Rescue

19 Mar 2021

Another day, another swan. Fortunately after a kind donation a few years ago we were able to purchase an infusion pump which we have used to give fluids to cats, ducks, swans, piglets and foxes. It’s been an invaluable piece of kit for lots of animals and this swan is now hopefully going to feel […]

20 Calves Rescued

03 Mar 2021

We are very proud to announce that we have now completed the coordination of a dairy calve rescue, the total now stands at 20 calves rescued in a week, each bull calves only a few days old.This rescue has been months in the planning, liaising with a dairy farmer and coordinating the life-long homes with […]

Swan Release

14 Feb 2021

Last week we posted about one of the swans in our care, who arrived after being found in the middle of a busy road, very weak and disorientated. We took the large mature swan to our vets as there were no obvious signs that might cause his symptoms, there he was x-rayed which reviled a […]

Piglet Rescue

14 Feb 2021

What a different 14 days make, spot the difference!You may remember we took in Phoenix as an emergency case, he was rescued by Rescue in the woods, from a farm, saved from certain death. Due to our experience he came to us for his initial treatment.When rescued, Phoenix was under weight, he had injuries and […]

Swan Rescue

14 Feb 2021

We have been dealing with a few swans of late, 5 in the past 2 weeks with 3 still in our care.On Sunday evening we went out to rescue this large male, so large he’s doesn’t even fit our swan bag and so we have improvised using blankets to wrap around him to safety contain […]

Swan Rescue

25 Jan 2021

We have two young swans admitted recently, both from different situations.One cygnet arrived a couple of weeks ago, he has a large abscess on a his right foot. He’s been on antibiotics and pain relief, as he hasn’t been improving, he was operated on this week. Each day we now re-dress his foot, packing with […]

2020 in Review

30 Dec 2020

Click here to see our short video 2020 has been an exceptionally changeling year for many, the pandemic has posed many challenges for us to overcome, not least a significant loss of funds due to the cancellation of our opens days and all fund raising activities. Despite this loss of income, there has been no […]