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30 Jan 2017

   **REHOMED** Description: Yo! My name is Jojo. I am a 8 month old Lion-head x Dutch buck. About Me: I arrived on the 31/12/16. I was an unwanted rabbit handed into a local pet shop who kindly fostered me for a while. Unfortunately I wasn’t getting any luck for a forever home there and […]

Two Lovely Ladies Looking For “Furever” Home ** Now Rehomed!**

30 Jan 2017

   Meet Elsa & Michelle – Who have been looking for a home since October! **UPDATE – These girls have been reserved to a lovely home!** Elsa & Michelle are two 1 year old, English Spot cross Does. They arrived at the centre on the 22nd October 2016 due to their previous owner couldn’t bond […]

Meet Tinker & Laddie!

20 Jan 2017

    Laddie, the blue and white, and Tinker, the brown and white, are the two newest additions to our herd of 18 ponies. These boys were in need of a new home due to the rescue they were currently being house in was unfortunately having to close down. Laddie and Tinker are two 3 year […]


20 Jan 2017

**Rehomed** Description: Hello, my name is Pepper. I am a 10 month old harlequin Mini Lop Doe. About me: I came to the centre on the 23/12/16 as an unwanted pet. Temperament: I’m kinda shy and like to keep to myself. I’m good to be handled and enjoy my time out playing in the run. […]

A Review of 2016 – 1,007 Animals Rescued

06 Jan 2017

  A Review of 2016 In 2016 we have taken in 1,007 animals, therefore pets, farm animals and wild animals. We can only take in animals to rescue when we have the resources, the funds, the space and the time. This means that we sadly have to turn pets away almost every day of the […]

Elsa & Michelle

01 Jan 2017

REhomed Description: Our names are Elsa and Michelle, we are sisters and are both  18 months old and English Spot X does About Me: We arrived on the  22/10/16 after we didn’t bond to our previous owner current rabbits. Temperament: Michelle is the most confident but both are quite shy rabbits. The will let you […]