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Rex Rabbit Housing Requirements

30 Oct 2016

    PLEASE READ WITH CARE Why Do Rex Rabbits Require “Special” Housing? The breeds “mini” rex and “standard rex” were orignally bred for their fur. The fur is a special short dense structure that often feels like plush or velvet ( and was orignally a genetic mutation!). Today rexes make wonderful pets. They are […]

New Christmas Stock & More Added To Shop!

30 Oct 2016

   Looking For The Ideal Christmas Gift? Why not “pop” along to our ebay shop, The Lovely Tails? Not only will you be purchasing a wonderful christmas gift, but you’ll be supporting a good cause too! Profits go directly to helping the animals at the sanctuary. Whether that will be contrubuting to essential vet fees […]

Hare Hand Reared and Released

25 Oct 2016

Back in August we took in two Laverets, sadly their mother was killed as she tried to cross a road with her babies. On the bright side, a vigilant member of the public saw what had happened, rescued the baby Hares and brought them to us. Over the coming weeks we hand reared them. Sadly the […]

Timothy & William

03 Oct 2016

** Rehomed** Description: Hi our names are William and Timothy. We around 9 months old and are both otter coloured rex rabbit bucks. About me:  We arrived together on the 2/10/16 as our previous owner grew bored of us. Temperament: We are quite a skittish pair and we take our time to come and see you. […]

New Arrivals – Barry & Brian The Pygmy Goats

03 Oct 2016

   Meet Barry & Brian Barry & Brian’s case is far too frequent, an uneducated owner who buys from a breeder. At only 18 months old, these two goats are unwanted simply because they are getting too big! When bought, the breeder reassured the owner that they would not grow any larger than they were […]


01 Oct 2016