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Meet Smartie and Billy, the Shetland Ponies

30 Jan 2011

These two boys Billy 6 years and Smartie 15 years, were originally rescued from owners that had abused them, unfortunately after sometime, the new owner could no longer afford to care for them so they have been taken on by us.

Holly Rehomed 30 Jan 11

30 Jan 2011

Holly went to a fabulous new home and made herself right at home.  She has plenty of room to run round and she has a friend coming to live with her from another rescue centre.  What a perfect ending for a bunny that was dumped at a local vets in the week before Christmas.  We […]

We’ve been on TV – BBC1 – Inside Out

26 Jan 2011

When we rescued Bertie the so called Micro-Pig, the BBC came with us to highlight the growing problem of breeders miss selling micro-pigs. Breeders sell them as ‘not growing larger than a Cocker Spaniel’, the reality is that they grow large and when kept un-castrated and on their own, can become extremely destructive. Watch the programme on BBC 1, East Midlands Inside Out.

Polly (single female)

03 Jan 2011

Polly could be a bit grumpy but happy endings often happen for those that we think are going to be here long term. She found a great home with lots of other bunnies and has loads of room to run about.

Homes needed – 100 rescued battery hens

03 Jan 2011

Today we have rescued our first hens of 2011. Battery hens live a miserable existences and after a short life, the are sent for slaughter to maintain high egg production, in the name of cheap food.

2010 in Review – 791 Animals Rescued

02 Jan 2011

Since we formed over three years ago, each year we have steadily grown and rescued  more animals eachyear. This year we have reached a peak, rescuing almost 800 animals, including pets, farm and wild animals.