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Pygmy Goats rehomed

25 Sep 2010

Solomon and Latchley were given up by their previous owners, their story we hear far too often.

Cockerel rehomed

22 Sep 2010

Finn (male) Rehomed 15th Sept 10

15 Sep 2010

Finn was a rescue stud rabbit, he was neutered so that he could spend the rest of his life with a companion rabbit.  He found a beautiful home with a beautiful doe for friendship and love.  He has the most amazing handmade home and a lovely secure garden that he has already started exploring.  What […]

Battery Hen Rescue

11 Sep 2010

We travel far and near to rescue these poor girls, this time is was a long trek down south to rescue another 110 hens, at their end of their short productive lives, we rescued a few of the tens of thousands going for slaughter, many going for pet food.

Pigeon in RTA

11 Sep 2010

This poor chap we believe was hit by car , fortunately he was brought to us. He has a broken leg and an injury to his body. He is in a body harness to keep his weight off his broken leg, he will have to remain like this for a couple of weeks, before we can […]

We take in 5 goats in a week

03 Sep 2010

We rehomed our last 5 goats earlier this year and haven’t had any since, then all in the space of a week we have taken in 5 from 3 separate locations.

Dartmoor ponies on BBC East Midlands Today

01 Sep 2010

The Archers calming wild ponies in Nottingham: