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Hedgehogs Spring Release

28 Mar 2010

Over the winter we had over a dozen hedgehogs brought to us that were either ill or injured and needed treatment, or they were young and too small to survive hibernation.

Cookie Rehomed 25th March

25 Mar 2010

Cookie was given up by his previous owner as he did not get on with his male companion. Cookie has now found a great home with a female rabbit for companionship and lots of room to run around it.  He will love his new home.

Female Piggie Rehomed 24 March 2010

24 Mar 2010

This little lady came to us with a rabbit, unfortunately the rabbit was too boisterous for her so we split them up. 

Leo Rehomed 24 March 2010

24 Mar 2010

Age : Approx 1-2years  Breed : Lionhead  Bonded : No Neutered/Spayed: Yes Rescued: July 09 Leo is a real sweetie. He has a lovely mane of hair melts into the floor when stroked. He is slightly jumpy about being handled but with a new home and someone to care for him as well as a little bunny […]

Berry Rehomed 13th March ’10

13 Mar 2010

Berry came to us pregnant, she had 7 babies which have all been rehomed. We eventually found a fabulous home for Berry with a neutered male friend called Snitter.  They seemed to get on well together and we were so pleased to find Berry a companion she can spend the rest of her life with.

Myxomatosis – The Importance of Vaccination

09 Mar 2010

Many people purchase their pet rabbits from pet shops, where they are offered little if no advice and the pets are certainly not vaccinated. Each year thousands of wild and pet rabbits die a painful death from what is a preventable virus, myxomatosis.

Lilley Rehomed 1 March 2010

02 Mar 2010

Danny & Donny Re-homed 25 April 10

02 Mar 2010

Age :  5 months Breed : Otter markings Bonded : Yes Neutered/Spayed: Not yet Rescued: Jan 10 These two brothers are adorable they have beautiful markings. They were given up as unwanted pets but are friendly and handleable. These guys needs a home where they will be fussed and have a cage and run large enough […]