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Start of the Chick Season

23 Feb 2010

Springtime is a very busy time for us as we receive lots of orphaned baby animals, that need to be hand reared and cared for. In particular we rear a lot of baby birds, yesterday we received our very first of the season, a young collared dove.

Cockerels, cockerels, cockerels !!

10 Feb 2010

The phone rings and ‘can you rehome my cockerel’ is what we hear time and time again.

Gary the Goose rehomed 9 Feb 2010

10 Feb 2010

4 Male Ducks -rehomed 9 Feb 2010

09 Feb 2010

The boys were kept in a suburban house garden where they caused a mess and were given up by their owners. This is a story we hear far too often, people not doing their research before buying pets.