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Charlie Rehomed 31 Jan-09

31 Jan 2009

Charlie was such a friendly little lad. Neutering him didn’t seem to calm down his energy levels – you couldn’t pass him by without him demanding some fuss.  We will miss him loads but we are pleased that he found a happy home with Sparkles a female bunny.  The gorgeous little pair went to live […]

This week is ‘Rabbit Week’

28 Jan 2009

We always make sure that all of our rabbits go to homes where they will live with at least 1 other rabbit. Rabbits are not solitary animals and in the wild live in large groups.

Hen Rescue – 150 Ex-battery Hens Arrive!

24 Jan 2009

Today we carried out our first hen rescue of 2009, these are ex-battery hens that would otherwise be sent for slaughter at 18 months old, all in the name of cheap food.

Chip Rehomed 17 Jan-09

17 Jan 2009

Chip wasn’t with us for very long before we found him a great home

Benjemima Rehomed 15 Jan-09

15 Jan 2009

Benjemima came to us as an unwanted house rabbit that had been neglected. She was very small and sweet, she made a lovely companion for a neutered buck called Bobby.  We hope they will get on and that Bobby will share all those tunnels and his digging box!


13 Jan 2009

We desperately need a variety of equipment and materials, as well as help, to allow us to continue to expand our sanctuary to allow us to rescue more animals.

Neglected Pigs Rehomed 11 Jan-09

12 Jan 2009

These two girls were left in a flat to die when the owners moved out. Fortunately they were rescued in time and now have a great new home, where they will never be neglected.

Puck Rehomed 11 Jan-09

11 Jan 2009

Puck is the perfect little bunny.  She is so adorable.  She is the sort of rabbit we would have loved to keep, but we would keep them all if we could. She now lives with her hansome boyfriend pebbles as a house rabbit. 

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