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Injured Pheasant Released

26 Aug 2008

Click on image to enlarge A few weeks ago we were presented with an injured pheasant, she had been shot, the shot had penetrated one leg and injured the other. We persevered with her, the main difficulty was her broken leg. To our amazement this beautiful bird made a full recovery and today she was […]


24 Aug 2008

Although we do not take in dogs, we do often hold dogs for a short time while they are being moved on by volunteer drivers. Graham was such a nice natured Rottie and found a space in a rescue centre in Staffordshire. He only had to wait a day before he was adopted.

Released – Three wild birds

22 Aug 2008

Today we released three birds back into the wild. We released a blackbird and a pigeon which we had hand reared from young chicks. We also released an adult pigeon that came to us injured.  All of our birds spend time in our aviary to prepare themseves ready for release.

Henny is laying and walking again

07 Aug 2008

When Henny came in with 150 other rescue hens, we quickly saw that she was having trouble walking and scratching around. Poor girl must have been in so much pain as she had a broken femur. With the aid of an old towel, a dog harness, some old garden canes and pain killers we managed […]

Robbie and Wubbie Rehomed – August 08

06 Aug 2008

This couple were amazing (and still are). They were with us for quite a while. They made a great pair and eventually somebody fell in love with them on the website. They were a spritely pair of rabbits and found the perfect home with a tailor made double hutch connected with a tube and a […]

Dixie Rehomed – August 08

04 Aug 2008

Dixie was found as a stray.  She had to have an emergency operation as she was in a real mess with a prolapse and fly strike. The vet thought that she may have to be put to sleep during the operation but happily she survived and was spayed at the time of the operation.  She […]

Midge & Madge Rehomed – August 08

04 Aug 2008

Now with new loving family as they were snapped up by a volunteer.  I believe they are now called Freddie and Finbar.  They have a great new cage but refuse to use a wheel.

Madison & Lilac Rehomed – August 08

03 Aug 2008

These two girls were with us for too long, the little sweeties were passed over too many times but now thay have a great new life.

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