Rabbits For Adoption

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Adoption Process

Prior to re-homing, all of our bunnies are neutered and fully vaccinated. Adopting a rabbit is an exciting experience, please click on the link above to see what rabbits we have that are available. If you can’t find your requirements, please get in touch as we often don’t have volunteers time to keep the site up to date, new bunnies come in all of the time and some may not quite be ready for re-homing.

  1. Contact us about a rabbit(s) that your interested in and we’ll happily give you any further information or support.
  2.  You can make an appointment to see the rabbit(s), if you meet our adoption criteria (see below) you can reserve and we look after the rabbit(s) until you are they are ready.
  3. Once adopted we’ll provide support with advice and bonding if required. Ultimately if things don’t  work out, we will take the rabbit(s) back into our care.

Adoption Criteria

Cage & Run Size

We use the Rabbit Welfare Associations guidance on minimum cage and run sizes. Cages need to be approximately a minimum of 2m long (6’7″). Runs need to be connected or integral and all be fox proof. To see the Rabbit Welfare advice and other good advice Click Here.

Single Rabbits?

Rabbits are highly sociable creatures and in the wild they live in social groups, they are much happier in pairs or groups and so we never home a rabbit on their own, they must have a partner.

Rabbits need a large cage with a fox proof connected run.

If you are adopting a partner for your bunny, he or she needs to be fully vaccinated prior to adoption.

We ask for a minimal adoption fee to help the towards the charities huge vet costs for treatment, vaccinations and neutering. Our minimal adoption fees are;

Adoption Fees

All of our bunnies are fully vaccinated (VHD1, VHDS and Myxomatosis) and all females neutered, all males castrated. The costs to the charity are significant, we therefore ask for the minimum addition fee towards these costs;

Single Male : £55 –  Single Female: £60 – Bonded Pair: £80

Adoption Process

  1. We ask that you make an appointment to view the rabbit(s). If you see a rabbit(s) that you want and you are ready, you can reserve them subject to a home check.
  2. We will carry out a home check promptly, normally within a few days. We do this to ensure your cage and run you have are large enough and fox proof and to provide free advice, especially if you are new to keeping rabbits. We’ll bring the bunnies with us on the home check, so hopefully they can be settled in their new home straight away.
  3. You will be required to sign an adoption agreement and make the minimum adoption fee. In the agreement you agree maintain veterinary health checks and vaccinations.

Even though we always carry out home checks for all of our bunnies, it is helpful if you can bring photographs of your set up when viewing so that we see if it is suitable and offer advice.

All viewings are strictly by appointment only.

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Rabbits make fantastic pets, but please do consider if they are the right pet for you….

  • Rabbits do not generally make ideal pets for children under 10 years
  • Can you commit to a pet that can live for 10 years or older?
  • Rabbits can be quite destructive and are high maintenance pets that require daily cleaning & interaction and regular health checks and trips to the vets.

Like more information on whether rabbits are suitable? Please click here