Geraldine Rehomed

Posted by Jon in Goats, News, Rehomed on Thursday 04/04/2013 20:52 +01:00.

Today we re-homed Geraldine to a great new home, one she really deserves.

A few weeks ago we received a call about a loose goat, which had been seen in a hedge bottom alongside a road for a couple of weeks. The worried caller said that the poor goat wasn’t in great shape and was very thin. He had managed to trace the owner through the ear tag, who stated that she had escaped and didn’t want her back.

We took her in and named her Geraldine. We quarantined her and gave her a good check and wormed her. She was in a poor condition, her hooves were severely overgrown, preventing her from walking properly, she was also very thin, and probably the most nervous goat we have ever had in.

Geraldine is very old at 15 and incredible nervous, so we had to find her a special home. Fortunately we have re-homed several goats to a great couple who adore animals and have taken her in today. They will give her all the love, attention and special treatment she needs and deserves. We are confident that she will soon settle in with her new friends.



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