Swan Rescue

This beautiful swan came to us from Shipley County Park. It had a fishing hook lodged into its body. Following a trip to the vets to have the hook removed, it is now recuperating in a pen on antibiotics and painkillers.


Hand Rearing Squirrels

On 20 August we had three very young squirrels delivered to us, these were found by a member of the public that had disturbed them whilst cleaning a chimney. Unfortunately the mother left her three babies and was too frightened to return. We are now hand rearing all three, this is very time consuming, feeding…

Eddie Rehomed Setember 09

Age : 6months  Breed : Lionhead  Bonded : No Neutered/Spayed: Yes Rescued: July 09 Unfortunately Eddie and Ernie got rehomed when they were quite young but came back to us fighting as they had not been neutered.  We have had to split the pair up now so that we could get them neutered.  Eddie is either looking…