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At Brinsley Animal Rescue we have a non-destruct policy, therefore we never euthanise a healthy animal.  Therefore many of rescued animals either stay with us for a long time because they need specialist care, or can never be rehomed due to health issues or behavioral problems.

We therefore ask people to consider sponsoring an animal to help pay for their long term care at the sanctuary. You can sponsor everything from the disabled pigeons to Boris our blind bull, so we have a wide price range to sponsor something for yourself or as a gift.

By sponsoring, you are directly paying towards the upkeep of the animals by funding:

  • Food
  • Bedding
  • Vets fees
  • Vaccination and worming
  • Housing

Individual Animal Sponsorship


Sponsorship Type

* One Off ** Monthly



Boris the blind Bull 

Click Here to See Boris

£50 £15 £300
Rosie the Welsh Pony 

Click Here to See Rosie

£30 £10 £100

Click Here to See Wendy

£25 £7 £70
Rocky the Pet Pig 

Click Here to See Rocky

£15 £5 £50
Chipmunk and Daisy 

Netherland Dwarf Rabbits

Click Here to See Chipmunk & Daisy

£10 £3 £30
* One Off Donation – for this you will receive a named Certificate, a colour photograph complete with full written details of the animal. For a further £5 we will frame the photograph.

** If you agree to donate monthly by Standing Order, you will receive a named certificate and a framed colour photograph complete with full written details of the animal and a key fob or coaster complete with picture.

*** * If you donate a annual gift, you will receive a named certificate, a framed colour photograph complete with full written details of the animal and a key fob or coaster complete with picture.


You can sponsor an individual animal unit, this will provide towards the upkeep of the animals within that unit.

Hedgehog Hospital

Every year we take in hundreds of orphaned hoglets as well as sick and injured hogs, and hogs too small to hibernate. Hogs eat an awful lot of food, but they also need expensive treatments for worms and other ailments.


Sponsorship Type


One Off




Annual upkeep

Hedgehog Hospital £50 £15 £150 


Pigeon Aviary

We never put an animal to sleep if it can live a happy life and pigeons are no exception. Even when pigeons become disabled from accidents or deformities, they can still live quite happy lives. We have a specific aviary for all kinds of disabled pigeons where they all live quite happily and even pair up and make nests. We don’t let them breed, so to be kind we replace their eggs with fake eggs so as not to upset them.

By sponsoring the aviary you will paying towards the upkeep of the disabled pigeons, paying for food and treatment.



Sponsorship Type


One Off




Annual upkeep


Disabled pigeon aviary











Please contact us by email or phone, we need the following details:

1. Who you want to sponsor and the sponsor rate.

2. The name of your nominated person,  for the Certificate (e.g. for a gift).

3. If its a gift, the address of the recipient and date if its to arrive for a birthday, for example.

4. Your contact details

What then? We will contact you to finalise.

Tel. Local Rate 0845 458 2813


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  1. By sponsoring a Brinsley Animal Rescue animal, you will be making a gift as a small contribution to the annual upkeep of the animal, you are not adopting the animal.
  2. Brinsley Animal Rescue will be responsible for the upkeep and welfare of an animal.
  3. If the sponsored animal is rehomed or passes away during the sponsorship period, the sponsor can transfer sponsorship to another animal at no additional cost.
  4. Annual sponsorship will commence upon the receipt of the full subscription. Monthly Sponsorship shall commence upon receipt of the first months sponsorship payment.
  5. Payment will be by cheque made payable to `Brinsley Animal Rescue’, or by standing order. Contact us for a form to send to your bank.
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