Lisa, Bart and Maggie Re-Homed

Three years ago, we took a call to see if we would take in four piglets that had been dumped in a bucket, outside a vets in London. We took them in, they had just been born, their umbilical cords still attached. We successfully hand reared them, sadly, when the boys went to be castrated, one was found to have a birth defect, he was euthanised before he would suffer.

A few months later we found new homes for them. Unfortunately a year later, they returned as the owners could nolonger care for them due to health reasons. We always take pets back should the situation change.

We are please to annouce that all three have gone to an amazing new home, they have a very large field, a huge barn knee high in straw and pet cows to keep them company.

These three can now live out their natural lives together in piggy heaven.

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