Ella, Mia and Luka

Status: Available

About us: We are Ella, Mia and Luka. Two females and one male of Toulouse breed. Our ages are unknown but we are on the younger scale.

Our History: We were an unwanted trio who was locked up in a shed for most of our lives. 

Our temperament: We are fairly tame for geese and like to keep to ourselves so we won't make good guards! We are okay around other hens and geese but do tend to be on the lower side of the hierarchy. 

Type Of Home Wanted: We need to be re-homed together as the only pair of geese on the premises. We are okay to be kept with other ducks and hens. We need a fox proof shed to be locked up at night, a decent size garden to roam around ( we will nibble on your lawn) and a body of water to bathe in ( child's sand/water bath).

Adoption process: To help the charity cover the costs of keep we ask for a minimal donation of £30 for the trio. Please contact us to arrange appointment, we are not open to the public. At your appointment you can view the geese as well as ask any questions on history, temperament and husbandry. A house check may be required. 

Contact: Tel - 0115 712 999


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