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Mrs Brown Rehomed 13 March 09

17 Mar 2009

Mrs Brown (so called because she found a home with a Mr Brown) was a lovely placid rabbit.  After a quick bit of dating they appear to be a lovely bonded couple who will spend lots of time binkying round an enclosed garden.  Here is a photo of the beautiful couple:

Percy and 6 Girls Rehomed 10 Feb 09

10 Mar 2009

It can be quite difficult rehoming cockerels, so we were really happy to find a great home for Percy, he has been rehomed along with 6 ex-battery hens. We miss this little chap all ready.  He used to strut round the place as if he was 10 ft tall and not the little bantam he […]

Elsie Rehomed 8 March 09

08 Mar 2009

Elsie could be a bit grumpy and so was here for quite a while.  She has now gone to live in THE most amazing place with a bespoke huge hutch and run.  The lucky little girl now also has a husbun called Harry – they make a fantastic couple.  We await photos and updates!

Spencer (now Jack) Rehomed 19 Feb 09

19 Feb 2009

This young lad came in with 2 other unneutered rabbits so had to be seperated.  He found an amazingly spacious home with a lovely doe called ‘Sally’.  What a perfect and happy ending. Well for Jack it is just the beginning of a great new adventure.

Beanie Rehomed 07 Feb-09

07 Feb 2009

  Beanie was a real gem.  Unfortunately he had to be seperated from his mum as he was too old.  Fortunately he has now found a friend called Winston.  They had a bit of a chunter when they were introduced but we hope that they will be fine together.  Winston appeared to be more interested in food […]

Alli & Abi Rehomed 7 Feb-09

07 Feb 2009

Alli & Abi Alli is a little nervous but understandably so, as she came from a dreadful breeder. She would make a lovely pet for someone, she needs loads of time and fuss.  Abi is a pure black rabbit. At present she is a bit timid. She had been used by a breeder but she really […]

Charlie Rehomed 31 Jan-09

31 Jan 2009

Charlie was such a friendly little lad. Neutering him didn’t seem to calm down his energy levels – you couldn’t pass him by without him demanding some fuss.  We will miss him loads but we are pleased that he found a happy home with Sparkles a female bunny.  The gorgeous little pair went to live […]

Chip Rehomed 17 Jan-09

17 Jan 2009

Chip wasn’t with us for very long before we found him a great home

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