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Greylag Goose Rescue

12 Jun 2021

This week we took a number of calls from concerned members of the public regarding this Greylag Goose at @Attenbourgh Nature Reserve. It took several attempts to find him, going early in the morning before work and after. Finally on the third attempt one of our star volunteers caught him.The goose was really struggling to […]

Ponies Homed

06 Jun 2021

This weekend we took Willow and Dancer to their new life-long home.We have been working with these lovely girls for months now, training them so that they can be handled, hooves trimmed and get use to vets examinations. On the day they loaded into the horse box with ease and behaved impeccably on arrival at […]


03 Jun 2021

This frightened little kitten got dumped in a box a few days ago outside someone’s workplace. Luckily a kind couple have taken him in for a few days and looked after him and fed and watered him. We’ve now taken him on so that we can get him blood tested and his solid little belly […]

Shearing Time

31 May 2021

Finally its dry enough to shear the sheep.We rounded them up into a stable and once settled, they were checked over, sheared one by one and given their favorite treat, cashew nuts. Before being returned to the fields they’ll be vaccinated, wormed and hooves trimmed.Now they are ready for this lovely sunshine!

Five Sheep Rescued

28 Apr 2021

No sooner have we found life-long homes for 3 ewes and a ram, we fill up again with five more rescued sheep.This crew came from a family that rescued them in good faith when they were off for slaughter, they had intentions of providing them with a life-long home. Unfortunately this didn’t work when the […]

Sheep Find Life-Long Home

24 Apr 2021

We have found three rams and a ewe to an amazing home where we have re-homed pet sheep before. These four have joined a resident pair to make a new flock, that have lots and lots of open space, lush grasses and wild plants to feed off and good shelter.This is all in good time […]

Fox Cub

03 Apr 2021

This little girl fox cub was found on her own, she is less than a week old.Thankfully the caller did everything right, they left well alone in case mum came back, as they often do, did not touch her and called for advise.We advised to give her a hot water bottle, wearing gloves so as […]

Tawny Owl Rescue

02 Apr 2021

Wildlife is arriving think and fast, in the past few days we’ve had several hedgehogs, several pigeons, a fox cub, two wild rabbits and two tawny owls.This photo is one of the Tawny Owls who arrived yesterday after being hit by a car, we were sure he had a broken left wing which is often […]