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Coping with the Snow

28 Feb 2018

Managing a 22 acre animal sanctuary whilst holding down full-time jobs is hard, coping with the snow creates additional challenges for us all, we are though so grateful for our team of dedicated, animal loving volunteers, who turn out no matter what the weather to help ensure our residents have warm bedding, top up frozen […]

Swan Rescue

25 Feb 2018

Two weeks ago we collected a female swan from a nearby lake, she was very weak and kept collapsing. We examined her, she was thin but there was nothing obvious. So off to our local vets she went for an X-Ray. in the past we have had very poorly swans in, that have swallowed fisherman’s […]

Two Turkeys Homed

04 Feb 2018

Its not everyday that we manage to home turkeys. Well today one lucky boy (stag) and a girl (hen) turkey were homed. They have gone to a home where many of our rescue animals have gone over the years, we know that they will be loved and cared for. Turkeys are funny creatures and not […]