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150 Hens Rescued

31 Mar 2016

We have carried out a rescue in the past few days and have 150 hens to rehome. These hens are rescued barn hens approximately 18 months old, we have rescued 150 out of 20,000 going for slaughter from a farm in Surrey, they had reached the end of their “commercial life”.┬áSadly we could not rescue […]

Ronnie gets Re-Homed

25 Mar 2016

Today Ronnie ent to his new home. We rescued Ronnie back in November last year, he was a stray pig, he followed a guy home whilst out walking his dog. Ronnie was entire and very nervous, over the weeks we have been working with him to help him gain his confidence. He was castrated 3 […]

Guinea Pigs in Need of a Home

21 Mar 2016

*** Update Now rehomed*** We have 3 groups of guinea pigs that are looking for homes. Two  neutered boys, three girls and two unneutered boys. Get in touch if you can offer any of them a home.

Funds needed – Can you help our Cows?

04 Mar 2016

Please help Billy, Herbie and Boris? We need to build a corral and cattle crush for our cows. They are all getting very large and when we have to treat them, such as worming, TB testing, hoof trimming or for emergency treatment, we need to be able to handle, inspect and treat them. We’ll use […]