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More Piggies Re-homed

22 Mar 2015

This week we have have done exceptionally well re-homing pigs, in fact we have successfully re-homed 6, which is twice as many as we have re-homed in the past two years! Although great news, we have had to turn as many away. These two girls were re-homed today, originally the poor girls were dumped as piglets […]

Rescued Goats

21 Mar 2015

Today we have rescued these cute little fellas, two castrated male pygmy goats. Their owner who gave them up, originally inherited them when their former owner passed away, but now they are unable to keep them any longer. We have put them into temporary isolation whilst we check them over, trim their hooves, worm and […]

Primrose and her Three Boys Finally get Rehomed

18 Mar 2015

Over the past few days we have been busy rehoming 4 of our piggies. It isn’t often that good homes come forward for pigs so when a home came forward in Wales for 4 of them we had no hesitation in offering to take them. It was a long journey for them but we were […]