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Summer Open Day – Supporters Thank You

28 Jul 2014

Well it chucked it down almost all day, we all got very wet but thanks a million to all of our dedicated supporters who braved the poor weather and came to our open day. We didn’t do as well as previous years, but we never expected to with the weather being so poor, but we never […]

Three Kittens dumped at the Rescue

25 Jul 2014

We get very frustrated when we come home from work with hours of animal duties ahead of us, only to find animals dumped on our doorstep by irresponsible people. This puts a huge strain on us and the charity. These three kittens were 3 of many animals left on our doorstep this week. As we […]

More Hoglets Rescued

18 Jul 2014

Last night was spent rehydrating hoglets and picking fly eggs and maggots from them, Ugh. Painstaking but worth it if they all survive. What I actually wanted to be doing was trying a new recipe for cookies, making a spicy quinoa salad and applying a Lush facemask. Sadly a 1am finish, a stale sandwich and […]

Hedgehog Crazy!

13 Jul 2014

It’s gone baby hedgehog crazy!!! Over the past week we have had endless calls about teenage size hedgehogs getting into difficulty. Most have come in dehydrated and on Friday night we had 3 in with maggots crawling all over them. Unfortunately we had to put 2 to sleep but with this little man we managed […]